Signature Partners specializes in Investment Syndication, Asset Management, Investor Relations, Property Management, Development / Entitlement and Construction Management.

These services are provided with the underlying purpose of effectively managing and optimizing the portfolio in a manner that will create the most favorable financial outcome. The process begins with the identification of a viable asset and design of a solid investment thesis. Signature Partners has syndicated all types of projects ranging from ground up residential, retail, multifamily and R&D / flex developments to stabilized medical, office and industrial assets. Once a project is placed under contract and if required, an appropriate joint venture partner is identified, the rigorous process of due diligence is commenced while simultaneously syndicating the opportunity to their pool of private investors.

Upon their final recommendation and a full commitment by the investors, the project is purchased and the investment plan is implemented. Signature Partners is responsible for all aspects of the asset management, which includes securing and guaranteeing the necessary loan packages, quarterly accounting of the project’s financial performance and investor relations, which includes no less than a quarterly update for each project.

Depending on the needs of the asset, Signature Partners will actively manage the day-to-day operations with a hands-on approach that comes from their commitment to intimately know and understand the property and the needs of the tenants. This style has yielded a much higher retention as compared to their peer group. Signature Partners has acted as a capital source for projects in which they are not the lead syndicator as well as partneringwith other real estate professionals and developers that have been able to provide a deeper level of expertise for a project where local market knowledge is critical or the product type is specialized.