Investors/JV Partners

Signature Partners specializes in Investment Syndication, Asset Management, Investor Relations, Property Management, Development / Entitlement and Construction Management.

Since 1997, Signature Partners’ success has been built on strong relationships with their investors and partners by providing the highest level of service through expertise, responsiveness, accessibility, honesty and open communication. The investments provide their investors with the ability to diversify their portfolio through commercial real estate without the requirement of an active role. They have represented 160 private investors over the last 20 years by placing in excess of $86MM in investment equity, $52MM of which is currently in 24 active investments with a market value of $124.8MM. The principals of Signature Partners personally invest from 5% to 50% of the required equity in each project, which demonstrates their deep commitment to the investments that they syndicate. Not only does this commitment align the interests of the syndicators with the limited partners, but it also allows them the ability to expand their personal portfolio and sit side by side with their investors. Since their first acquisition in 1997, Signature Partners has syndicated 45 partnerships with a total value in excess $220.7MM.

The process begins with the identification of a viable asset and design of a solid investment thesis. The investments span all types of real estate including office, residential, retail, multifamily, industrial / R&D / flex and medical office. Their multifaceted experience as asset managers, leasing agents and property managers affords them a unique perspective on potential opportunities and better equips them to find success in the properties that they choose to pursue. Signature Partners has or currently owns, manages, and develops properties throughout Colorado as well as the greater Phoenix area and continuously seeks new opportunities, investors, partners, and revenue streams to further the well-diversified portfolio. They manage the details, which allow the investors the ability to enjoy the benefits of owning professionally managed commercial real estate without the day-to-day duties of management. Signature Partners is responsible for all aspects of the asset management, which includes securing and guaranteeing the necessary loan packages, quarterly accounting of the financial performance and investor relations, which includes no less than a quarterly update for each property.

Signature Partners or their carefully selected JV Partner will actively manage the day-to-day operations with a hands-on approach that comes from a commitment to intimately know and understand the property and the needs of the tenants. This style has yielded a much higher retention rate with their tenants as compared to their peer group. Signature Partners has also acted as a capital source for properties in which they are not the lead syndicator and partnered with other real estate professionals and developers that have been able to provide a deeper level of expertise for a property where local market knowledge is critical or the product type is specialized. JV relationships with Centum Health Properties, Element Properties, Zocalo Development, Aspen Gold Development and Frontier Companies has enabled Signature Partners to expand their portfolio with talented partners that have a specific expertise and has proven highly successful for their investors.

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