Signature Partners specializes in Investment Syndication, Asset Management, Investor Relations, Property Management, Development / Entitlement and Construction Management.

Since 1997, Signature Partners has successfully syndicated 45 partnerships with a market value of over $220.7MM. Paired with these syndications, they have secured 56 loans with in excess of $156.7MM in borrowed funds. Many of the loans have been successfully refinanced or paid off as buildings reach stabilization, loans matured or buildings were sold. Of the $156.7MM borrowed over the past 20 years, 37 loans totaling $87.6MM have been retired with $68.6MM still outstanding across the current portfolio. Non-recourse to full recourse loans have been secured with private lenders, local banks, conduits and life companies. To date, no loan has ever been in default and the partnerships have paid back or are current on 100% of the borrowed funds. Signature Partners prides themselves on open and regular communication on the property and timely reporting as required or requested by the lenders.

Signature Partners has purchased and /or developed properties of up to $50MM and has had 100% investor support for the required equity, which has ranged from $500K to $14.6MM. Many of the projects that they acquire that aren’t fully stabilized or require an accelerated closing timeline are acquired with 100% cash. Once stabilized, a debt component is added and a portion of the investor equity is returned. To date, every project that Signature Partners has syndicated has been 100% funded by their investors within a few hours to a few weeks of a final recommendation.

Signature Partners currently has 160 investors that are made up of high net worth individuals, many of which are repeat investors. These investors have placed over $86MM in investment equity with $52MM remaining in active investments within the current portfolio. Since their first acquisition in 1997, Signature Partners has syndicated 45 projects with a total value in excess $220.7MM. The portfolio is currently valued in excess of $124.8MM, which includes office, retail, multifamily, industrial / R&D / flex and medical office. Signature Partners has an open and straight forward style of communication during an acquisition and / or disposition, as it better serves their investors in achieving their goals.

The principals of Signature Partners have had the honor of serving on the board, credit and steering committees of Summit Bank and Trust, which acquired Centennial Bank in 2016 and Citywide Bank in 2017. This enabled the principals to gain a deep understanding of lending institutions and how real estate and loan structures are viewed from the lender’s perspective. They have served in this capacity since 2006 when the bank started out as a 3 branch de novo bank under the parent company, Heartland Financial USA out of Dubuque, Iowa. With the recent acquisition and name change, Citywide Bank is now a $2.3 billion dollar bank and a leader in the Colorado marketplace.

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